Humans need sleep plain and simple, deprive them of sleep for long enough and hallucinations become rampant followed by delirium and then death. Many things can be the root of sleep deprivation; newborn infant in the family, torture, university studies, party snake bite, or an overactive mind. I even saw a movie once (I think it was a documentary) where this bad guy could infiltrate dreams and kill the sleeper so people just stopped sleeping!

In my case the sleep deprivation is caused by two things; anticipation of Bike Park opening and an endless Rolodex list of things I need to do before Firday’s opening. Getting this thing going is no small task, there’s HR hurdles, training, materials acquisition, budgeting, budgeting, payroll, setting up lifts-signs-bike wash-bear bins, sponsor obligations, media requests, oh and getting trails open, can’t forget that one.

When opening trails we go over the same ground a few times; removing snow, fixing lips, picking rocks and looking at the state of the woodwork. In doing so on A-Line last week we discovered that the bridge adjacent to Karate Monkey needed some love. One of the stingers was cracked and the other was pretty soggy. The whole unit was tilted and bounced when you walked across it. While it reminded me of a major thoroughfare in Nepal, it was not really something worthy of WMBP, not to mention the fact that it was built back in the day when A-Line was a single track trail and hadn’t been built with the vision of 31″ bars. The replacement bridge will improve the flow and add a new element to the final hit on upper A-Line and should last another ten or so years.

The bridge construction isn’t the only thing on the go, we have the bulk of the Trail Crew still working on tuning up what’s clear of snow and shoveling out what isn’t. As of today the list of what is good to go is as follows:

  1. A-Line
  2. Crank It Up
  3. B-Line
  4. Ninja Cougar
  5. Karate Monkey
  6. Samurai Pizza Cat
  7. Crack Addict
  8. Devils Club
  9. Ho Chi Min
  10. Heart of Darkness
  11. Schleyer
  12. Detroit Rock City
  13. Lower Joyride
  14. Monkey Hands
  15. Hornet
  16. Lower Whistler Downhill
  17. Joyride Jumps / Drops

The conditions on trail are varied with tacky surfaces, dry packed dirt and some wet spots. I would call the riding 9.5/10 so get up here for opening weekend. I for one can’t wait, the last things on my list after ride the park, greet old friends and make new ones and Strength in Numbers Premier is get some sleep!

See you Friday,