I had a friend comment once that the entire time he was in Whistler he was served at restaurants, bike shops and other front line spots exclusively by Australians. “Whistla” just wouldn’t be the same without them. The positive vibe and solid work ethic of the good folks from Down Unda make this place tick. ‘Strayans’ are also some of the best bikers in the world, evident by the results from Crankworx last week. From top Pros like Troy Brosnan winning the Dual Slalom and Mick Hannah taking second in the Canadian Open DH to the unprecedented Aussie sweep of the top five spots in the Enduro Senior Men’s category, these blokes (and Shielas) can ride bikes!

Though there are no trophies, sponsors or even podiums involved, the event that eclipsed all others for Aussieness was the Heckler Rock show at the Canadian Open. The theory of 10,000 hours of practice is well documented in sport but clearly carries over into “Support” and the Aussies have a leg up on the international field. When it comes to ripping off your shirt, yelling at passers by and making noise, the spectators from Aus won hands down. Maybe it was because they are used to baking in the hot sun or standing for hours on the hot rock because they get twice as much “summa” as the rest of us. It doesn’t really matter no one else came close.

Now that the dust has settled on Crankworx we are concentrating heavily on maintenance of trails. The Trail Crew is working all three excavators down the jump trails cleaning up and rebuilding sections to improve flow. The hand crews are working on Superfantastik and armoring in the Garbanzo Zone. Gravity Logic continues to pound away at Top of the World adding yet another section this week.

The conditions are dry but the morning dew seems to linger a littler longer each day and the cooler temps are making the riding really pleasant. If you avoided the Park because of Crankworx or still haven’t made the pilgrimage, now is the time! The 3000 Aussies in town can’t be wrong, right?

Troy Brosnan ready to drop for Australia