As good as it gets

Event obligations – Done

Camps – Done

Woman’s (and Men’s) Nights – Done

Phat Wednesdays – Done

Bike Park Season – Not Done Yet!!!!

I have no idea how many retinas will focus on the jumble of text I post up here every week or so but I assume it is somewhere north of  two since my friend Ron always heckles me for what I write and my mom always sends the copy back to me with grammatical errors corrected. Those two are not even on the list of four that I send a direct link to, so on a good week it may be as many as 6 people.

Right now the Park is as good as it gets! The temps are perfect, the trails are tacky and best of all the Trail Crew have had a lot more time to buff and repair all of your favorites. Late this week Crank it Up (now likely well into it’s millionth descent of the year) got reworked in the lower reaches with some new rhythm and jump shapes and it is so good that I spent one afternoon product testing it five times.

We only have a short month left to ride so carpe diem and get up here because soon enough you will be sitting on the same chairs with the wind freezing your face until it’s as tough as wood pecker lips. See you in the lineup – BF