The other day during a short lived spring cleaning event at my desk I stumbled upon a Blackcomb summer brochure from 1996. While I was present at the time I don’t recall In Line Skating being such a big deal? Mountain biking gets a cameo on the brochure with guided descents on “Rental bikes WITH front suspension” promising rides of 12km through forested double track trails (read Fire Roads).

The Glacier was open with two half pipes albeit tiny little ones compared to the 22′ stunt ditches of today.

The nostalgic walk down memory lane (although I can’t say I remember that much) got me amped for summer none-the-less as it coincidentally fell on the same day I was proofing the 2013 WMBP trail map. Crazy how much has changed in a short 17 years. I think when the new map comes out I will seal a copy of it along with the 1996 version in an envelope that says do not open until 2030 and file it back in the desk.


Less then 30 days to go!

"Back in the day"

“Back in the day”