Have you looked around this place lately? The place is slowly being taken over by kids and crows. Take Wednesday this week for example. I was eating lunch on the GBB patio and observed the local crow cartel working the scene. The common crow is considerably smarter than the average dog and it is said to have intelligence akin to dolphins. I would say they are probably smarter than both as they have not been domesticated or recruited to do deeds for clumsy humans that dolphin and dog-kind have. Instead the crow works the lunch scene poaching the odd muffin crumb or entire burger if left unattended without having to lift a flight feather for man.

Later that same Wednesday I noticed the presence of a lot more kids in the Phat Wednesday Race lineup. These ingenious little humans have figured out that downhill riding is fun but racing is better! What other time do you get all of B-line -HOD to yourself with no one in the way so you can ride as fast as you want? It appears this new breed of small human has the level of intelligence akin to a crow as they seem to be aware that labor laws prohibit them from working for the man yet they too take advantage of him by poaching the very dollar from his pocket to fund their gravity need (and the slice of pizza to fuel it).

Each and every one of these kids has a bike and likely a father. (although some Google work has indicated that the later is not completely necessary due to modern science) Which brings me to the point of this here post which is Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday so it’s time to give back to the dads that have spawned you and fed the crows your pizza crust. Take dad out for a ride in the Park and be kind to him, let him keep up for a lap or two, make him feel special because one day the tables will turn and you too will be forced to eat crow when your kids are better than you.

Kids and Crows Know

Extended Play starts this weekend so enjoy the long hours of daylight and ride until 8pm!

Garbanzo opens June 22nd and it is going to pop with almost every trail in the zone.