I’m not one for fad dieting. My before and after photos would likely look exactly the same no matter what I ate. My steady regimen of pizza, whatever-is-put-in-front-of-me and free seems to be working, the only after-effect I could do¬†without is that “just hit by a tranquilizer dart” feeling after lunch, if that has anything to do with specific food intake.

The one famine I could do without is the “Low Garb Diet”. It seems like months since I downed a healthy portion of steep rooty single-track and my body is craving some. Fortunately Garbanzo Zone is now open so I can binge on a buffet of long juicy (and¬†they are a bit juicy at the moment) trails and get in some good Garbo Loading.


The Trail Crew have been working hard on the last segment of Blue Velvet’s four year saga and it is going to be a blockbuster. The flow line (yet to be named) through the Boneyard is also nearly complete so once it dries out a touch we can give it the final rake and crack it for you good people. See you in the lineup. BF