If Blue Velvet was a person and it were going to school, today would be its graduation commencement. After a year of planning, four years of work and costs akin to tuition, the entire trail is open from top to bottom. I feel like a proud parent watching my trail walk across the stage to pick up a scroll of paper while wearing a silly hat. Knowing that my little trail has come such a long way and gained so much experience along the journey makes all the frustrations and budgeting worth the effort. Raising a trail takes a village, saw-men, GPSers, bridge builders, machine operators, rake-men and water bearers all have left a mark on it’s development. Now that trail has fledged, left the nest and entered the big world, we won’t be there for it every day anymore. It is going to have to tough it out on its own now. The influencers will move on to new trails in new zones but will still come back to visit around holiday times to help with upkeep, laundry and a good home-cooked refurb. Enjoy the ride and tip a glass to Blue Velvet and all of its grades. See you up there! BF


Top of the World recon went well this week, Trail Crew will be digging snow with the hope of opening up for riding as of July 13, 2013! Check back for updates middle of next week!