Wednesday this week I noticed a lot of changes around here. The first was the change in month as August loomed the following day like the prow of a large ship about to crush my rowboat. The Juggernaught that is August comes on fast and hard with Crankworx steering the ship at a pace no one really controls.

The second change was in the weather as the dryest July on record came to symbolic end with a downpour in the Park accompanied by lightning of biblical proportions. As much as we cringed at the prospect of said biblical lightning setting the entire tinder box Park ablaise we danced in the rain knowing that the conditions in the Park for the August long-weekend were going to be great.

The storm ushered in a Pacific low that snuck in some cooler marine air and more moisture, creating yet another change in the Park as the ambient temperatures have now crept well south of the 30C line on the thermometer, making riding much more comfortable.

The final change I observed was at the Phat Wednesday “Beer League” race. The track this week was our annual Pre-Crankworx gnar-fest and arguably most technical of the summer. The track consists of Upper Joyride into the Lower Canadian Open course, both of which were in their toughest conditions to ride with a layer of dust decorating every feature. The change I saw was a demographic shift to a new generation of DH racers. While the podiums looked all too familar with the usual suspects collecting their winnings, it was what was going on outside that interested me.

Standing in the rain on the outside of the GBB patio was a rag tag group of junior racers, many of whom are almost a decade away from being able to stand out of the rain at the bar legally. These kids pay their two bucks, ride their hearts out and then stand out in the rain knowing that the times they put down were not going to get them on a podium any time soon. Some of them crashed, some destroyed parts of their bikes and will have to save up for weeks to pay back their parents for the new bits needed to keep them rolling, but they all got back on their bikes and finished the gnarliest downhill race of their year. These kids have up to eight more years in the U17 category! I feel sorry for the rest of you when they start to turn 18, then we will see some serious changes happenening.

Huge congrats to Ben, David, Omar, Seth, Kolt, Jamal, Dexter, Max, Rhys, and Finn for shinning a bright light on the future of gravity racing.


Doing it for the love of ridng.

Doing it for the love of ridng.


Check in next week for the Crankworx trail closures schedule and in the meantime get out on those trails they are back inĀ  prime tacky conditions! BF