Crankworx Wrap

Well the party’s over and the WMBP team is almost ready to catch up on some much needed sleep. Once the scaff comes down and the trail garbage picked up we can get back to the business of patching trails and building new lines.

Crankworx 2013 did not disapoint and the residual images and video will no doubt get viewed and played for some time to come. There was not a single dud event in the whole festival, despite some glitches and the odd rain storm.  Thank you to each and everyone that made it a reality; staff, volunteers, athletes, film makers, photographers and especially all of you who came to ride some Park and see mountain biking’s evolution firsthand. If you couldn’t make the pilgramige this time but watched it on-line, thanks for tuning in. Everyone who rides needs to put a Crankworx week on the bucket list, it is a right of passage you won’t regret.

Now that the dust has actually settled the Trail Crew are already onto trail improvement projects with work on Del Bocca Vista, A-Line, and a major overhaul on Freight Train from the container drop to Sidetrack. As September rolls around, we will also be getting into the A-Line reroute we started earlier in the summer so stay tuned for that.

A-Line’s Air DH will be another quantum leap more rad with what we have in store for Crankworx 2014, see you then if not sooner. -BF