I’m not sure if you have noticed but this year has been unreal for wasps around here. The long stretch of dry summer made for perfect wasp breading and the number of nests in the Park and their size has been unprecedented. Trail building in these conditions drew a lot of parallels to mine sweeping as trail crew guys would walk down to do maintenance or flag new lines and inadvertently step on ground nests unleashing the wrath. I don’t think there is a single member of the crew that didn’t get zapped at least once, some got it many many more times! Those that did started a campaign of extermination on a scale also seldom seen before. Their science experiment of pest control has lead to a new formula of┬ábug spray we are going to patent and call “Vendetta”.

The rains came back after Crankworx and allowed us to get some trails back into prime form. The total rebuild of Freight Train is nearing completion but needs some drying time before we can open it up. Commencing today we are going ahead with the new build on lower A-Line so expect a small detour after the step-up, below the rock drop. This will bypass the falling and machines via the road crossing to Heart of Darkness where you can re-cross the road to Longhorn and the final section of A-Line. This new section is going to be sensational!

The trails are tacky and fast with the odd slick section, so come and get some now that the summer crowds have thinned. BF