I’m glad you asked. This week the UCI World Cup champ is Canadian. Huge WMBP congrats to Steve Smith on his win at Leogang.

What else is Canadian? Well, it appears total mountain bike domination is Canadian. Brandon Semenuk, Joyride champ – Canadian! Brett Rheeder, X Games MTB Slope gold – Canadian! Kurt Sorge, Rampage gold – Canadian!

It seems Canada has silently slipped into the top spot for all of the non-lycra (read cool) aspects of mountain biking for the moment. In typical Canadian fashion, there was no fanfare, no chest pounding, no headlines, just a quiet almost apologetic slide into the hot seats and onto podiums.

If this was our neighbor to the south can you imagine the eagles being realeased or star and stripe waving? Or better yet the Aussies? The Oi Oi Oi nonesense would be ringing in our collective ears with annual reminders of, “Oi rememba that yea when Aussie blokes dominaed the wold – fairdinkum mate!”

Don’t get me wrong, we love our neighbors and Aussies but need to poke the gorilla and tasmanian devil in the cage every once in a while.

What else is Canadian? Rubber pants! So what if it started to rain, and even snow in the Bike Park, we Canadians don’t care, we will ride anyway. This thing is not over, we will keep turning lifts and fixing trails until mid-October so get some rubber and come for a ride. When winter drops it is a long haul until May when it all starts up again.

We will be closing the Garbanzo and Village Gondola mid-week so the maintenance crew can get them prepped for winter but Fitz is turning and the lineup is non-existant. We will offer access to Garbanzo Zone trails off the Gondola on weekends weather permitting.

This is your chance to be an honorary Canadian, get some rubber, put on a plaid shirt, eat some bacon and ride some trail. When you are tired and cold, just ask Stevie if you can sit in his hot seat to get warm, he won’t mind – he’s Canadian!