I received no less than two comments this week asking where the winter Bike Park updates have been. That is twice as many people as I figured read my reports, so I figured I better get on it and give at least that small group of people something to chew on for the next 70 days.

At the outset of this winter it was looking, well for lack of a better term,” unwintery”. I thought it might be a harbinger of  the earliest ever opening for the Bike Park, and then February came. It has pretty much not stopped snowing since and my dreams of riding Park in April were dashed.

Regardless of the state of the snow pack, I have been working on Bike Park plans and have even gone as far as ordering our small machine fleet for the summer. The exciting news on that front is the addition of a second machine with a Rototilt bucket. For those of you (probably both of you reading this) untrained in the art of small excavator attachments, that is the cool doohicky that we have been using to make better jumps and berms in less time over the past two summers. The fact that we will now have two of those bad-boys means more berm and jump love in even less time. The spinoff effect is additional time to put toward  the eradication of those pesky braking bumps we all know and love.

I could go on and on and tell (both) of you about the awesome new tidy tank I’m thinking of ordering so we can carry more diesel but I think I will save that nugget for my next post! Enjoy your “off-season” and I’ll see you in 70 or so. BF.